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On the wish list of Margot Robbie: Matthias Schoenaerts

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Actress Margot Robbie is hoping to get to the set, with Matthias Schoenaerts, as she told Vogue.

Which actor would you like to work with? That’s what the new york magazine , Vogue , to Margot Robbie in the list of the 73 rapid questions. ‘Matthias Schoenaerts’, came the reply, without taking. That’s because the Australian actress, Flemish actor and have been for a joint film on the agenda: to Ruin, a thriller in the rubble of the Second world War. In the film, it would be a Holocaustoverlever play, which is an incredible deal with for a Hauptsturmführer with a conscience, played by Schoenaerts. Together they go on a hunt for members of the former doodseskader.

The director of the movie is a hit from the Strong: Justin Kurzel, who, batman , Assassin’s creed: brotherhood turned up. The screenplay was in the black list of Hollywood’s a list with the best scenarios of the round. It’s been pegged by two nephews, Ryan and Matthew Firpo, who is now writing The eternals, a film stripfabriek Marvel, and directed by Chloé Zhao (The rider), and with Angelina Jolie in it.

That’s Robbie, and Schoenaerts is in He should play, and last year was reported by filmblad Setting. At the time there was no word on the timing of the music. With that kind of big hollywood productions, it is always hard to tell whether or not recorded, and by whom. And for Robbie, and Schoenaerts was cast, the film is, after all, for a Gal Gadot (Wonder woman) and Christian Bale (The dark knight).

The decision of the actress , I, Tonya , and “The wolf of Wall Street ‘suggests that there is still momentum to the recordings, which (among other things) would have to take place in the Czech republic.

Once upon a time in Hollywood

Robbie was about a film they have already received: Once upon a time in Hollywood, which comes out on the 14th of August. She holds fond memories of the filming with Quentin Tarantino. “There were no cell phones allowed on the set; I think Quentin, you don’t even have. Each time, we have over 100 rolls of film had to be hunted and put everyone else to be alone, to drink and celebrate.’

The videos of Our matches in the recurring section ‘73 of the questions will be answered by your favorite celebrities”. As Strong as a brunch to prepare for her friends, she says that Harry Potter is her favorite book, and WANT to have their favourite band. And she has yet to have a Belgian in my mind: Magritte’s, her favorite artist. And that’s on the wall, a painting hangs on the Henri Matisse: Icarus, in his book of art of Jazz.

On the question of which director they would like to work with me, she ‘Wes Anderson’. As far as is known, there is still no connection between the two of them on the schedule. But thanks to our Coach , he knows now that he has never been allowed to serve: Greek cooking tarama.