News the City of S Media will take the form

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News in the City, with the co-operation between the news editors from the HLN, the VTM-NEWS and magazines, to be given shape. Three months prior to the move to the new building in Antwerp, it is unclear how News is the City will have to be controlled. Paul Daenen, director of the News in the City, will work with the managing editor, Kurt, minus signs, and the new deputy director of the James Lataire News is the City is going to lead to. Along with the hoofdredactieteam they will be the greatest where the report is ignored by Flanders in shape.

Klaus Van Isacker, the current editor-in-chief of the magazines within the News in the City, move to the VTM NEWS of where he is He is a Lataire, and An Goovaerts, as editor-in-chief to succeed it. Together with Dimitri Antonissen APPROVE in digital form), by Frank Depoorter (in The News), And Meskens (magazines/world of showbiz), Frederik De Swaef, region, and Geert Dewaele (video), it is the hoofdredactieteam of the News in the City. An Goovaerts will be “Head of Projects” within the BATCH of Media. The new pipeline will begin in the summer and get on with it.

Paul Daenen, director, News-City“, Antwerp is a symbol of a brand-new story. With the News in the City that we have in the way of news as quickly and as best as possible to the consumer, shall be reinvented. In the past few months, we’ve more than proven itself in the past to what all of that talent in News for a City in the state. If all the editors will go together, then the nieuwsmachine a few gears higher and higher.”

He is a Lataire takes over the management of the News in the City, Klaus Van Isacker, from the VTM NEWS
He is a Lataire has built as the editor-in-chief for 10 years on the VTM NEWS, and is now the deputy director of the News in the City. He will be held responsible for the content of the co-operation between the various brands. Every day, he will be with the editors-in-chief, substantive choices, and to make sure that they are best to be played on a variety of platforms. Also, long-term projects will be provided by Lataire and organized and developed it.
Lataire, “This is an exciting opportunity to work with the many talents that we have in our homes and distinctive journalism, in text, audio or video. VTM NEWS is I was able to be with a talented team to make a difference in the Flanders region with a high-quality, compelling news. I’m really looking forward to this time together with all the colleagues of the News, the City to do it.”