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Manchester City wants to be a case for UEFA to stop and pulls to the International Sporttribunaal BAG

bb9e319aab67b63df558be3a4ea1cca8 - Manchester City wants to be a case for UEFA to stop and pulls to the International Sporttribunaal BAG

Manchester City are heading to the International Sporttribunaal BAG to ensure that it is in the internal court of justice of the European football federation, UEFA, to have a statement on the investigation into the financial affairs of the club, as reaffirmed in the BAG on Thursday. The City has responded so far failed to make the headlines.

In march, performs the financial audit board (CFCB) of UEFA, led by former prime minister Yves Leterme, a research of the club, after the publication in the media, on the basis of the Football of Leaks. Among others, the English champion in 2013, and the numbers of contracts cheated to a loss of € 11.5 million, to cover. A year later, the club, the manager, is a minor player in the then-14-year-old Jadon Sancho, who is now with Borussia Dortmund sitting at 235.000 euro to be paid in full. Due to Football’s Leaks came to light that the Abu Dhabi club in 2008, is owned by the family of the emir, in a seven-year period of time through the overrated contracts to make a fortune in the City, it would be pumped to have it.

According to the American newspaper The New York Times, would be the City for those violations of the Financial Fair Play, a will not be eligible for the Champions League, at risk. The club is not in agreement with the findings of the financial audit committee, which provides that, in addition to breaches of the Financial Fair Play non-compliance with the terms and conditions for the European clublicentie. A procedurekalender at the moment there is not.

In 2014, also condemned the CHAMPIONS to Manchester City, all for breaches of Financial Fair Play. The cost of the club is Kevin De Bruyne as a 57 million euro, of which 37 million are on probation. In addition, it should be the club Champions League, 2014-2015, with a limited selection of office.

Manchester City recently celebrated its sixth national championship, its second in a row and fourth since taking over the club. With a win in the FA Cup and the League Cup, delivered them to a volume. The dream of the owners in the Middle East, it is, however, a victory in the Champions League, which so far have not been able to.