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Louis de Funès receives a new museum

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The French comedian Louis de Funès receives a small museum in the vicinity of the seaside resort of Saint-Tropez, in which he drew the series about ‘Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez. There will be a lot of objects from the first museum, from De Funès, and that was two years ago, the doors are closed.

The new museum will open on July 31 in Saint-Raphael. It will have a surface area of 400 m2 and are home to the private collection of the family of Louis de Funès, and memorabilia that have been collected by Charles Dana Duringer, who, between 2014 and 2016, the first museum created in the former castle of the actors in the Cellier (Loire-Atlantique), located not far from Nantes, france.

The first museum was a two-year after its opening, forced to shut its doors due to lack of funds, to the castle and go back to buy it. The castle has been, since 1986, are no longer in the hands of the family, de Funès.

“As the museum’s in-Cellier joined, it was for the family to have a lot of messages from people who are disappointed were you that there was, in France, no one was more dedicated to my grandfather. According to him, the new museum is an elegant, intelligent, and entertaining. Thus, it is the desire of the thousands of French nationals and their family a reality, ” said Julia de Funès, a granddaughter of the actor.

The layout of the museum was entrusted to the filmontwerper by Christian Marti. Clémentine Deroudille, the general curator at the museum of Louis de Funès, in Saint-Raphaël.

Some 350 objects in a document collection, personal photographs, filmherinneringen, film clips, and interviews.

Next year it will be at La Cinémathèque française, which is responsible for the preservation and presentation of film heritage, and for the first time, a retrospective, and an exhibition devoted to Louis de Funès work through some of his most famous movies to the program.

With more than 140 films to his name, the popular actor, that’s around 270 million people go to the movie theaters attracted more than 400 million television viewers in France.