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Klaus Van Isacker, is the editor in chief VTM Nieuws

50befe6482e5bb6062320e1d67c9bcb1 - Klaus Van Isacker, is the editor in chief VTM Nieuws

Well, half a year after the resignation of Kris Hoflack, there comes yet another musical chairs at the head of the VTM’s in the News. Klaus Van Isacker, is the new editor-in-chief.

News-city, an ambitious combination of all the news editors from the BATCH media, in the company of De Persgroep (De Morgen, all The Latest Newsand Medialaan (VTM’s) have been to go for a brisk comings and goings-led by the editors-in-chief, from the VTM News. After the uprising, on the editorial board in september of last year, with director, Kris Hoflack resigned and the editor-in-chief, Nicholas Lataire, An Goovaerts (ex-editor-in-chief of De Morgen, eds.) next to him was will there be a new reshuffle. Lataire makes a promotion: he’s going to be a part of the board of directors of News in the City. He is adjunt director of the News in the City, including company directors, Paul Daenen, and Kurt’s Negative. An Goovaerts, which was less than a year as co-editor-in-chief, was given a new role: they have to have a team to manage that, “overall, projects within the BATCH of Media in the right direction, it must lead”.

To the surprise of the day, it is the name of the new editor-in-chief, from the VTM News. That is, Klaus Van Isacker, an old friend, because he’s had the same job from 1995 to 2005. After that, he was briefly editor-in-chief of The Morning, and then a little while on the radar, but to go two years ago, is once again to emerge from The School, as an editor-in-chief of the showbizzbladen (dag allemaal, Story,…). It was a dignity at work with An Meskens, who has the job now is only to continue.