Israel gets first openly gay prime minister

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The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has Amir Ohana, who is openly gay, has been appointed as the minister of the ministry of Justice. This is a first of its kind in the country.

“Amir Ohana, it is with a lawyer, that the legal system has heard an official announcement. Even though Israel is considered a relatively enlightened nation on the face of the LGBT rights remains, homosexuality is a taboo subject in religious circles, which can also be represented in the government of Netanyahu.

Ohana will follow Ayelet Shaked, which is the Sunday of the government, was fired, along with the Education minister, Naftali Bennett. There has been no official reason was given for the departure, but on their relationship with the prime minister, it was not the best.

According to the Israeli media, with Amir Ohana, in the past, called for a immuniteitswet, so that there is no research that can be done to the politicians during their term of office. That would be Netanyahu in the right light, which in several cases have been accused of corruption, embezzlement and abuse of trust.

On the 17th of september, be found in Israel’s elections take place. It is expected that the right will be scored.