Hells Angels fight the Dutch national

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Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is going to appeal against the decision of the district court, that the motor club shall be prohibited in the Netherlands. According to the lawyer of the Hells Angels, there is plenty of land to have a right of appeal.

In the district court of Utrecht outlawed at the end of may, in a civil case, the motor club of the Netherlands. The Dutch office will be immediately terminated and prohibited in the world-it must be no longer working in the Netherlands. According to the court, the motorcycle club is a ‘geweldscultuur’ which is ‘a characteristic in keeping with the spirit, ” and that the club will be charged to your account. “The organization is Hells Angels, and is a threat to the public order,” according to the district court.

The Public Prosecutor’s office in proceedings started at the club and are prohibited to get in. In a previous attempt, a decade ago, foundered.

Hells Angels, was established in 1948 in the United States of america was founded by mostly ex-military men and women. About forty years ago, the club officially moved to the Netherlands.