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“F1 is going to go to Zandvoort, to Max Verstappen, but not for this spectacle.”

25418325faf23250e3998de66f2e6c58 - "F1 is going to go to Zandvoort, to Max Verstappen, but not for this spectacle."

According to the Williams F1 driver, George Russell’s return to the Formula 1 will return to Zandvoort in the Netherlands and because of the widespread popularity of Max Verstappen. No Stumbling, it would not be a matter of time.

When you have a new country on the F1 calendar is always a lot of interest for the circuit involved. Also, in the event of the F1 calendar, there is a lot to do on the circuit of Zandvoort.

George Russell believes that there is a circuit of Zandvoor a little spectacle to the experience you will have. Russell is of the opinion that Zandvoort is primarily to return, due to the popularity of Max Verstappen.

Russell, however, understands that the “Formula 1” from a commercial point of view, the Netherlands will return to the F1 calendar. The first of the Dutch GP 1985-may well be a huge commercial success.

“I love the City. Pure, some of the circuits to the drive it belongs to Zandvoort, to my favourite of the five tracks in the world,” said Russell. “But as far as the race is concerned, it will be as bad as it is in Canada.”

“As everyone knows, however, what you can expect when you visit Monaco, you’ll know what to expect when you come to Australia it will. The catch-up possibilities are limited. And now, Zandvoort is on the list will be added.”

“We’ll have to just accept it,” concluded Johnson.

In accordance with Russell’s wishes, the Formula 1 is like a big fanbasis in the Netherlands, and to take full advantage of the Max Verstappen-and-go.

“We’re going to be there for the sake of Max and his many Dutch fans. In Formula 1, however, would not be what it is today without her fans, it must be appreciated,” said Johnson.

“It’s a great track. I do hope, however, that the grindbakken leave it as that just makes the track so challenging to get away. But it really is a race, no, no, you didn’t see it.”

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