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Christian Benteke will remain at Crystal Palace, but cheers for the droomtransfer of Hazard and said: “I’m happy for Eden

f8b43edb999def07547a2e2bbe72dbb0 - Christian Benteke will remain at Crystal Palace, but cheers for the droomtransfer of Hazard and said: “I'm happy for Eden

The football season is running on its last leg for the Red Devils before the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifiers against Kazakhstan (Saturday) and the isle of man (Monday) a relaxing holiday, and, therefore, were a variety of international companies over the last few weeks, the topic of transferspeculaties. Christian Benteke was linked with a departure to Crystal Palace. However, the 28-year-old attacker is unsure of its future. “I have one more year of his contract with Palace and it would just stay”, he was also on Thursday clear in the press conference of the Red Devils.

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“Normally, I keep just the Crystal Palace,” began to Benteke, who is already in some of the property in conjunction with a transfer to Chinese Super League season. “That is my intention. I have yet to have a contract for one more season and would have signed the contract uitdienen. It was always a dream to be in the Premier League to play in, and that is a dream I want to be for as long as possible to hold on to. China has so far never been an option.”

“I’m not someone who has to apologize, it will look”, he continued Benteke. “It is true that over the past two seasons and are not so good. I have been to in the last week, in the first half to force. I wasn’t a hundred percent, but did not play. It was frustrating, and, ultimately, there was a surgery to the knee. It is during that period of time will always work with me. I want the next season to pay back. I would also like to have a good preparation, especially physically, I want to be ready. I want to be me in the coming season and show the Premier League season so be sure to have a selection for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020.”

The security features of the targetspits for the moment. Coach Roberto Martinez left for the 34-way Red Devil, home of the world CHAMPIONSHIP in Russia, and ever since then, he has played not a single minute for the Devils. “I don’t have a stress, when the coach of his selection, to publish”, kept Benteke to his calm self. “We’re all professionals. I will abide by the decision of the coach. He knows what he is to me. I feel that recognition. A few years ago, I was the first point of the team, but the performances in the clubs are very important, and that was better for the other attackers. You can be disappointed about that, but it doesn’t make sense to be negative. I will continue to work hard and have faith in me.”

“Eden, I’ve always said that Real Madrid are droomclub it is”

Finally, it was Benteke asked about the possible transfer of his mate, Eden Hazard. This was for Benteke to be very open to it. “Eden and I have known each other since we’re young the boys are. He has always said to me that Real Madrid are droomclub it is. His choice is so wide. I’m happy for him that he is very close to an agreement. I hope this all official.”