Belle Perez-in the mourning

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This past Saturday, had to be the parent of a Belle Perez verjaardagsconcert their daughter is missing because she is in Spain and flew away. The grandfather of our lives was critical. In the end, it is Sunday, the weather is a bit better, but for Belle, meanwhile, has revealed that her grandfather has died. He was 96. “We’d opaatje is peacefully sleeping… and the godfather of our family, and 96 years of age. Up until your last sigh, did you enjoy the life given, even as a grandmother, you muse, is the most beautiful flower in the garden, as you yourself said, in the past year to die, do you still strongly held. To specify, would not be in the dictionary. We are so very proud of you, and how do you get your life experience you are transferred to our next generations in the family. Para siempre, and our children diseases”.
The strength, beauty and family.