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Anderlecht praises of VIP tickets to… with a photo of the Gaffer said

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The return of Vincent Kompany in their place, there are commercial opportunities along with it. Email ” The Prince is back,’ business interest in the VIP packages, in boxes of Neighbourhoods. But it is a picture of the three-Second press. One of them will ask for a compensation.

“We brought our Kompany – Now it’s time to bring yours.’ The legend of Vincent Kompany sees Anderlecht as a golden opportunity to help businesses to generate enthusiasm for the new season, even after last season. ‘2018-2019 had a difficult season, the club is in the mail to the companies it was sent to. ‘The Prince is back, and so the hopes for Anderlecht and that, in particular, that the companies will continue to come in for special VIP packages, such as culinary delights, and exclusive networking opportunities, and inspirational surprises’.

‘Business-as-usual (bau), although it is by Anderlecht yesterday, but one nasty letter arrives. A lawyer for Tom He. In an e-mail from Anderlecht after all, it is a picture of the three fans. “We call on the letter that is in Anderlecht, a compensation is proposed because it is the portrait of my client’s use, without his consent, but my client is still a little said in his heart, and the kidneys, it is,” says Tom, He is on the phone. “That goes for all three of the people in the picture.’

“The photo is from the match Anderlecht-royal Antwerp (on april 7, eds.), which, by the Gaffer who is, adds He is still growing. According to the lawyer, his client, there is no idea of how to place that photo in the e-mail from Anderlecht, ended up. “Anderlecht is in default set, we have to wait for an answer, for we might just be able to have a procedure to pass it along.’