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Again, verkiezingskoorts Pro League, with six officers, to choose from

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In addition to a packed agenda of the annual general meeting of the Pro League on Friday, a further six officers to appoint to serve on the new board of directors of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association). This has been confirmed, spokesman, Stu, Of, On Thursday. The mandate of the Paul Van der Schueren as a representative of the-1B on the board of directors of the Pro League and goes down.

In the Pro League, was allowed five representatives to appoint a seat on the board of directors. That is, at this time of Mehdi Bayat (S), and Mieke Declercq (Zulte Waregem, belgium), Joseph Allijns (KV Kortrijk), Paul Van der Schueren (OH Leuven), Bart Verhaeghe (Club Brugge), vice-president of the royal belgian football association. However, their mandates are to walk to the end of the season, and so it should be there on Friday by the board of directors, the successors must be selected. These names should be sent to be ratified on the 22nd of June, when the belgian football association’s annual general meeting.

At the same time, changes to the royal belgian football association, its structure completely, and is on the Executive Committee, at the last minute. They included eight representatives in the Pro League. In addition to the five mentioned above are going to be, Bruno Venanzi (Standard), Luciano D’onofrio (Antwerp) and Philippe Bormans (Union). To be in the best interests of the Pro League to be able to defend to obtain the professional clubs and six seats, the new board of directors. This can be chosen from among the eight ones, which are now in existence. For two people to lose their seat under the new management of the royal belgian football association.

One of them is, perhaps, Van der Schueren, since that is also in the Pro League afzwaait. And the VIEWS-was a director on the board of directors for many years, a representative of the 1B of the largest cities, but it will be expiring mandate is not, in principle, to extend. Union, manager, Bormans, is a candidate to take his place in it.

In each election, however, it applies the following rules: – one vote on the G5, it counts for three, the rest of the 1A clubs have two each. The eight-1B) clubs have one vote.

On the 22nd of may, changed to Peter Croonen (KRC Genk), Marc Coucke (RSC Anderlecht) from a place on the board of directors of the Pro League. Croonen was appointed chairman, Coucke ordinary member of the board. (D’onofrio (Antwerp), it was then on the Executive Committee for vote to take the place of Paul Allaerts (Mouscron) and take it.