After Parkland shooting: charges against, armed, and ‘a coward’

d45d0fd7bb58fbec09bf479e8b343f76 - After Parkland shooting: charges against, armed, and ‘a coward’

The armed officer who did not intervene as a gunner and seventeen men killed in Parkland, has been arrested and charged.

The police officer who in February of 2018 and beyond continued to be while in a school building in the united states Parkland, a massacre took place, was on Tuesday arrested and charged for the kinderverwaarlozing, negligence, and perjury.

Scot Peterson is in charge of the security of the high school, in Florida, it was the only one armed officer on the campus. However, it is on the surveillance video, to see how he is at the front entrance of the school building was left standing, while the 19-year-old former student of his, Nikolas Cruz, within a period of fifteen students and three staff members shot down. The statement made by the now-sacked Peterson for his inaction during the slaughter, it was thought that the shots came out.

The passivity of the

The study showed that he had “absolutely nothing has been done’ for the shooting to stop,” said the politiewoordvoerder, Rick Swearingen. “There is no doubt that the us lives.’ President, when He called Peterson a ‘coward’.

Lori Alhadeff, whose fourteen-year-old daughter was killed by the shot, explained to news agency AP: “He was the good guy with the gun should have been that it was. That is the “good guy with gun’ has been the ideological answer is that the National Rifle Association, the powerful U.s. gun lobby, always pushing forward as a remedy for the” bad man with a gun’.