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A leader, He wins a tumultuous ride in the Tour of Luxembourg, the final contender for the title is just in front of the finish line

23c5cd7b9aa38b3390b839ae07232575 - A leader, He wins a tumultuous ride in the Tour of Luxembourg, the final contender for the title is just in front of the finish line

Christophe Laporte (Cofidis) has made the first, and turbulent, ride in the line of the 79th Tour of Luxembourg, starting in Luxembourg, with a check-in after 191.3 fully diluted km in Hautcharage, won the game. The 26-year-old Frenchman won in a big crash marred bunch sprint from his compatriot, Justin, Jules, and the Romanian national champion Eduard-Michel Grosu.

The Frenchman, Adrien Petit, was celebrated for the Stress Of the Day. This one He went into a full sprint in the nadarafsluiting and it came out in the last 10 meters, a heavy fall. The UCI board, had, He, after a detailed review of the wedstrijdbeelden, however, is the victory. He picked up his second win in a row, and is a stronger leader.

It was Loïc Vliegen, the Pole, Szymon Rekita, the right-back He Alancon, and the American Robin Carpenter, who, after a rough start of the tour, the first really big failure in prison. The four muisden it after about 30 miles away, and got to the end of a maximum of clue was 2:30. Robin Carpenter came out to one or all three of the climbs of the day first, and thus became a leader in the group. After the last climb of the day after the 71-kilometre track, let Loïc Vliegen of his companions away. In the field, it was all of a sudden a very violent response and thus decreased the gap to the early escapees rapidly. Suddenly it was all to one side of the large panel, and thus, should the leading trio will once again have a lead to build on the 2:30 pm. Carpenter, who is over all (especially the purple jersey as leader within the group, was also falling.

Szymon Rekita, and Roaul Alancon could be the first of two local laps, each of which is 11.2 km in Hautcharage, starting with a lead of half a minute to go in a hunting pack. Therein, we, the riders of Cofidis, with the leader of a Race, He is in their ranks in the end. Italian Allessandro Tonelli are the one with the gap to the two leaders. And with all their needs and they were in the same round, by the end of just about 45 seconds before the big group. Five kilometers away from the place as their song is sung, and all gearing up for the forthcoming sprint. Wallonie-Bruxelles) took place in the last four kilometres to gain the upper hand, until at a mile from the end, they are in the front of all disappeared. Christophe Laporte among others, as the first and the last 50 yards, and then came Justin He is in a hole that wasn’t there. As a result, the rider of the Wallonie-Bruxelles, was a heavy fall, and he was second on the final stage.

on Friday the riders of Steinfort, to Rosport to a distance of 168,6 km. The sting is in the tail, with the two climbs in the last 16km.