A collision with a vluchtmisdrijf: two people out of danger

f47f8d5ba84a8e50a70bfddb343cd529 - A collision with a vluchtmisdrijf: two people out of danger

The place of the accident

Two people were Wednesday night badly injured in an accident with a vluchtmisdrijf. They have been out of danger. The owner of the car, was caught, put up a positive breath test and was arrested.

The victims, two men (46 and 50 years old, have been doing something for 20 hours, the cross-section of the Noordersingel, with the Or of the path mowed down by a car, his elbow was missing. The officer rode on, but the car’s owner – presumably the driver, was what the police found in Deurne, the netherlands. The suspect was found drunk in the and.

Witnesses saw Wednesday night is how a black BMW on the Or from Sk in the direction of the Noordersingel form. At the height of the cross-section and wanted the officer to the left of the Noordersingel drive. “He’s straight ahead, driving on the cycle path,” says politiewoordvoerder William Migom. On that bike path off of the car, two people down, the driver turned to his course, and rode the bike path up to the Turnhoutsepoort.

Soon after, the police will be the vehicle to locate it in an underground garage, and the Frank Craeybeckxlaan in Deurne, the netherlands. The vehicle had a flat tire and a damaged front windscreen.

“A recovery team was able to become the owner of the car, a 43-year-old man, who is no stranger to the police and the courts, is captured in front of his home in Deurne, the netherlands,” says Migom. “He’s made a positive breath test decreased. Supposedly, he was the director, but it is still to be investigated.’