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YouTube bans videos with hate content

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YouTube will switch to a higher gear in the fight against hateful content, ‘hate speech and videos that are propaganda to make room for any discrimination or segregation.

In a blog post on the YouTube itself, which is a subsidiary of Google, the videoblogsite that hate speech is a difficult and complex issue to deal with. YouTube is now an updated version of its policy in this area. ‘We don’t allow specific videos that show the pre-eminence of one group, to confirm, to discrimination, segregation or exclusion may be justified on the basis of criteria such as age, gender, race, caste, religion, and sexual orientation (…).’

“This would be, for example, the videos may not include the anti-nazi ideology to promote, or glorify, which is inherently discriminatory is what it sounds like. YouTube will also remove the ” in which the violent events are to be denied, that the reality of it is proven, such as the Holocaust, or the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Then, conspiracy theories have less resonance and be able to get it.

The new policy has been since Wednesday, but YouTube warns that it is a few months, it may take a while before it is at full power.

Not only does YouTube delete videos that are in violation of their policy, it is also the content that is on the border, poised to limit. It may, for example, a video that has a mirakelgenezing the promise of a serious illness, or those who claim that the earth is flat. The system’s defences, it would be by the end of this year, the United States must be in place. In the united states, the number of hits on their videos, be reduced by half.