Washington, London and Oslo, denounced the early election in Sudan

6f009407379d7d865ff0c42d00036145 - Washington, London and Oslo, denounced the early election in Sudan

In the United States, canada, the United Kingdom, and Norway to condemn the forthcoming elections in the Sudan, which is the the military transitional council (ntc) has announced that it. The announcement comes not long after the law enforcement agencies of the all-week long peaceful sit-in in front of the general headquarters of the armed forces in the capital, Khartoum uiteendreven. At least forty people were killed.

“The Sudanese people deserve a peaceful transition, under the leadership of the movement in the terms and conditions for free and fair elections are held, instead of jumping to the conduct of the elections”, declared the member countries in a joint statement.

Monday’s were at least forty people are killed when the police and the sit-in in front of the headquarters of the army, uiteendreven. “This attack brings the military transitional council (ntc), the transition and the peace process in Sudan is in danger,” said Washington, London, and Oslo, norway. “We are asking that the power be handed over to an elected civilian government, the Sudan people’s demands.”

The military transitional council (ntc), announced on Tuesday that the measures that have been agreed with the protest movement cancelled, and that in nine months, with new elections to come.

The military seized on the 11th of april, and the power, after president Omar al-Bashir was taken off. The people protested for months against the authoritarian regime. There were also discussions have started between the protesters and the army on the establishment of a sovereign council, which is a three-year-long transition to elections and transfer of power to a civil administration was assisting. The negotiations did not succeed, however, on the 20th of may, and since then, the army, the press, the protest movement, and the dramatic climax of the massacre on Monday.

The united nations Security council on Tuesday, behind closed doors, held a meeting on the situation in Sudan and to discuss with them. “Now that calls for early elections, the democracy-denying”, according to Christoph Heusgen, and the German ambassador to the United Nations, before the special meeting.