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Very hard-wearing! Cristiano Ronaldo smashes in Portugal with a hat-trick to the finals of the Nations League

0e340afcda418cb407d2fa758ae10ade - Very hard-wearing! Cristiano Ronaldo smashes in Portugal with a hat-trick to the finals of the Nations League

The republic is the first finalist in the first ever final of the Nations League, a new landencompetitie of the post. The Portuguese were victorious Wednesday night in their semi-final against Switzerland, the killer of the Red Devils in the group stage, 3-1. Thanks to the hard wearing and Cristiano Ronaldo (34). The Portuguese superstar has won have been difficult footballing team single-handedly with a hat-trick over the next. In the final awaits on Sunday the united kingdom and the Netherlands. Who will play on Thursday in their semi-final.

After a difficult and debilitating to the season was the fat, the soup is the star players from Portugal and Switzerland as well. The two semi-finalists passed for a dragon of a match at the Estádio do Dragão, in Porto. United kingdom – the killer of the Red Devils – has brought the best in football, but a lot of the opportunities brought, against a stiff defense, the host country will not be on.

On the other side released the new Portuguese prodigy Joao Felix (see more), not what the hometown audience it was hoping for. The 19-year-old player from Benfica has also not been helped by the dramatic and long-played by the Portuguese defenders, and consistently blind to the front, boy. But, fortunately for the country, was the fifteen-year-old standard-bearer of the Portuguese football to be at the event. A first beckoning of chance did He have, not used. A second-half chance was halfway through the first half, against the ropes. From more than twenty beat CR7 by a zwabberbal from a free-kick for a motionless Summer.

Switzerland is responded to by attacker to Seferovic, who has a ball in from Shaqiri at the top of the bar devieerde. 1-0 to the peace and quiet. In the second half, it was still just barely going, the whistle or the ball was on the spot. First appeared in Portugal in a penalty shootout to get a clear haakfout to foreign countries to look no further than the Silva, but the ref, Felix Brych whistled to indicate the value of a penalty goal on the other side, after a review of the violation by Semedo on Zuber.

Ricardo Rodríguez did not take his heart out and stepped on in the second half in, even if Rui Patricio with a single hand.

What followed was a horror of a second half filled with incorrect words and terrible long shots and the option of another sloppy game of football. Everyone else seemed to take for the extensions to Real Madrid, is again to be conjectured, as the saviour of the country. All the way from scratch and jaste, the Portuguese captain in the 87th minute of the 2-1 last Summer.

And yet, it was a circus He is not finished. Two minutes later, The game is completely dead on the counter. A knee-jerk Xhaka has lost the ball a few overstapjes, and one perfect shot later, it was the hat-trick by Ronaldo, a complete figure 3-1.

Host nation Portugal will play Sunday at 20h45 in the first final of the Nations League. Opponent, it is the united kingdom and the Netherlands. They will play in Thursday night’s other semi-final. Hopefully, we will get as much as they do beautiful football to be seen.

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