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Tubize is demanding for the BASS, degradation, KV Mechelen, the first of the amateur

d652ca9f4d5c4708be40c7d0b0622ea4 - Tubize is demanding for the BASS, degradation, KV Mechelen, the first of the amateur

Tubize is in appeal against the judgment of the KV Mechelen to play 1B next year. This has been confirmed, general director of Josselin Crossed on Wednesday. The Speaking people from the netherlands to the Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport (BAS) to require that Malinwa relegated to the first amateurklasse.

The advocates of the old has now won favour as an interested party intervening party, to have a thorough understanding of the bondsreglement’, KV Mechelen is not at 1B, it would have to be degraded, but, for the first amateurklasse. The Bondsprocureur might have made a mistake in a criminal procedure. William Wagner, spoke of a city called Tubize, but left the judgment to the geschillenrechters.

That led to the bondsregels that there had to be acquired in the promotion of the KV Mechelen to 1B. The complaints board of Appeal referred in its judgment to bondsartikel B2008.212. It states the following: “If, at the end of the season, when the final judgment takes place, and the club falls on the basis of their results, they will be condemned to a relegation by two divisions, in comparison to those in which they are released, at the time of the above-mentioned statement.’

In other words, if, KV Mechelen, it would have to be degraded on a sporting basis, the sentence of degradation, mean that the club’s two ranges will have to drop. And so, also, with a promotion to be taken into account, it could be an interpretation. KV Mechelen was also condemned to relegation from 1A to 1B.

Tubize is not in agreement with the interpretation of the rules, and want the second one, the BASS is about decisions. In the interest of the Walloon Brabant plow is self-evident. If the KV Mechelen is to be judged, to be the first amateurklasse, takes on the sporty degradant old has now won the vacant spot at 1B. Malinwa was signed before the profession, as well as Sporting Lokeren at the discharge of the Waasland-Beveren (belgium).