Troops take after the age of sixteen years, all the walls of the Green Zone.

b1868223b12845ab1f3bed408c0ddfcc - Troops take after the age of sixteen years, all the walls of the Green Zone.

In the centre of the Iraqi capital, identify barriers, and since 2003, the Green Zone, where the embassy of the united states and the government offices of the government are situated, are down. As of today, Tuesday, the entire region will once again be open to everyone.

Since 2015, the entry to the Green Zone, systematically, and easier to use, but since Tuesday, would have opened the doors of the isolation ward would be wide open, reports The Guardian. The Iraqi army major-general Jassim Yahya Abdul Ali, said in a British newspaper that there is a accessibility of 24 out of 24, without any exceptions or conditions applicable. The former promises made to the zone is open to the public and to make the abode, for safety reasons, is limited.

“Little America”

In 2003, the united states in one of the first conflicts of the war in Iraq, this area of about ten square kilometers in the inside. The presidential palace of Saddam Hussein was under attack. Hussein had to be removed from the game, against the forces of then-president George W. Bush, and was for a while.

Then renamed the American occupation of the area into a ‘Little America’. In the Us, bastion grew, however, to be a symbol of the gap between the politicians and the people, and that’s still a long time after the death of Saddam Hussein in 2006, and the withdrawal of the American troops in 2011.


The Green Zone contains the U.s. Embassy, with an area of 104 hectares, is the largest embassy in the world – and all the public buildings of the new Iraqi government. The history of the area and created a gap between the political elite, who are working in it, and the rest of the population of Iraq, which is outside the area of residence.

There were, over the years, also, quite a bit of rough and tumble. Three years ago, leading to some protests over the protection of militants and corruption, an attack on the beschermingsgordel, with the death of several people as a result. In september 2018, with the end of the three-mortierbommen in the Green Zone but no casualties or damage to property. Yet last month, a rocket was fired at the area. That ended up not too far from the American embassy. No one was thereby injured.