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The red Devil’s Yannick Carrasco is hoping to transfer to Europe this summer, “Interested in the club want me to have

5719e27f460ff9244af312326b1f20e1 - The red Devil's Yannick Carrasco is hoping to transfer to Europe this summer, “Interested in the club want me to have

Yannick Carrasco-recognized woensdagvoormiddag during the press conference, the Red Devils are in the training centre in Tubize is that he has this summer to see his Chinese club Dalian Yifang was about to leave. “There is an interested club who are far away want to go out for me,” explained the winger out. “I hope that there will be an agreement out of them. I would very much like to return to Europe.”

Sea began this spring and is a perfect match for his new season in the China. With a 35-fold) in Red Devil is currently on seven goals and two assists in ten league games. “I am, indeed, well on in the season”, and opened Sea. “I can do better, the statistics present than in the previous season. However, there are a lot of changes were made to the team, and we have to adjust.”

Or the Sea after that period of adjustment is still on-board, it will be in the Dalian Yifang, is very much in demand. “One room, one of the possibilities,” continued Carrasco. “I will take a look at my opportunity. Football in China is fine, but to my family considering I would like to return to. The change in China is not an easy one for my family. However, the balance is non-negative. It has been a great experience in China and I have on many occasions learned.”

“But I would hope that the president, an agreement with an interested club, he went on. “There is a specific interest of a single club, which I definitely like. I may have the name of the club is not known. I haven’t much to say. I’ve got no clause in my contract, so interested clubs will have to pass through Dalian Yifang to go. I am hoping that our president, my point of view is understood. I also understand that he does not like to be the best player, let it go, but I hope that he will agree to a transfer.”

Finally, the wild Sea is not said to have been the level in China has fallen, it would have been. “Maybe it’s for the game in China is a little slower”, he concluded. “But I already have my grades to keep. A lot of players such as Axel Witsel are all returning to the big clubs in Europe. I miss that, too. The matches at the top level in a top league.”