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The police picks up a Genk-supporter in which you’re a firework between the Standard’s supporters threw

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The police department has still not been returned as a supporter of a first division soccer team KRC Genk are arrested. In the last match, on the 19th of may, against Standard Liege, which had a supporter, you’re a firework, in the bezoekersvak together. That’s what happened when a few of the hundreds of supporters in the field and assaulted after the final whistle of the match. There is also an investigation of the thirty or so other supporters.

A 20-year-old, his supporters from the village of Houthalen-Helchteren was when the Last fireworks of the and at this very moment, and walked to the bezoekersvakken of the Standard, and on the other side of the field. There, he threw the burning rod into box A. the More the supporters of the Standard, including several children, were still to the side, eager for the fireworks to avoid it.

In a press release, the police CARMA to know that the young man could identify with him Tuesday morning arrested. He was being questioned for the use of the fireworks, and the police as a prohibited weapon, and it was in the afternoon, too, when the judge brought up. That made the ship to go home, but told him to do immediately is to impose a three-month, in anticipation of the ruling by the court of law. You also risk that he’s a fine, and up to an additional impose for any other breach on the voetbalwet. Wearing a ski mask, he may have a GAS-to-fine.

The identification of the other supps are still working on

The police department is also currently working on the identification of the thirty or so other supporters who, on the 19th of may and violations are committed. Before, during, and after the game was the pyrotechnic material be used. After the match, had to have the police intervene on the field of play, in order to be a confrontation between fan groups are to be avoided. A number of the supporters are used to this violence. There are reports in the framework of the voetbalwet.