The european group of the N-VA, ERC, get a party and in addition, it declines it

d1acde6d8dfc9d5f83e1198bb6cdea5f - The european group of the N-VA, ERC, get a party and in addition, it declines it

The European Conservatives and Reformists, the European group of which the N-VA still belongs to a new lidpartij in: Forum for Democracy and human rights, the state-by Thierry Baudet.

In addition, it declines had been ahead of time for the elections to the European parliament by the end of may, has announced that his party would join the ECR. Of the ECR group, after the Brexit is a fact, and that the British Conservatives are, therefore, to leave – to be dominated by the PiS, the Polish nationalistic party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

The Netherlands is a party british national Party was to advance in opposition to the connection of the FvD, because in addition, it declines for a Nexit would argue. The ECR is a eurokritisch, but it works on legislation, and the EU is from the inside to change it. The british national Party has bakzeil be achieved.

The ECR is undergoing due to the departure of the British, and the prevalence of the PiS and the emergence of Baudet’s a transformation. Geert Bourgeois, the European leader of N-VA, it gave earlier to his party’s talks on a possible exit from the ERC.

However, the options for the N-VA, was not possible. As long as the Guy We have to have the liberal of the group it belongs to, it seems that it will be excluded. The GROUP is very difficult, with the CD&V as a key player in this. And the greens, have been excluded. The Flemish nationalists still have time until the 24th of June in order to be known to determine whether or not it is for a group to join, and if so, with what.