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The belgian boxing federation complaint against the controversial result of the camp Delfine Person

c932770de23b87ad951a6f32a7a64477 - The belgian boxing federation complaint against the controversial result of the camp Delfine Person

The droomkamp of Delfine Person in New York to remain somewhat calm. Our compatriot, lost in the controversial means of Katie Taylor, as a result of which a great deal of controversy and led to even be in the united states. As for the Belgian boxing federation, there is a lot of dissatisfaction, and therefore, they filed a complaint.

The Belgian boxing federation joins in the debate. In a letter to four international boksbonden of his stuff. “Well, the Royal Belgian Boxing Association would like to lodge a complaint’, you hear the sound of it. “We’re not going to agree with the results of the camp, our bokster Delfine Person would be Katie Taylor. The camp, which took place on June 1, 2019 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

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The result of this camp, it felt very wrong to go to the royal belgian basketba … and on. ‘As outrageous and disgraceful. In professional circles, by the world’s media. We believe that respect, honesty, and fairplay have an important role to play in our sport you need to play. We can ask for is honesty from our athletes, and the surrounding area, and that is exactly what we have to offer.”

“We hope that the Federation would consider, in order to Delfine a Person, in this case, to uphold, to connect with the royal belgian basketba … in the name of the president, and Willy’s Past.

Taylor won the camp against the Person and, at points, 95-95, 96-94, and 96-94. According to the majority of observers, it is a poor decision. “A rematch against Delfine Person, it is inevitable’, she told Us when she was one day in Dublin, where it landed. “I would love for her to be boxing. We had a Saturday, there was a great camp and I am very, very grateful that I have won the game. I’ve never had any doubts as to the result.”

Eddie Hearn, the powerful boxing promoter of Katie Taylor, the man who is in the world of international boxing, everyone is in his pocket, alluded to Sunday though to get an immediate rematch. The reason for this? Also, on the side of the American-Irish-bokster, they realize that the public at large having regard to the camp for the WBC, WBO, WBA, and IBF titles at the lightweight, is not fair, is about to expire. And that’s Taylor, then won the race, but for the face and a loss of image may suffer.