TELEVISION journalist, Riadh Bahri upset at the Houses, “this needs to change’

71031ca4fbd3cf7e5a8db5b4bb823a20 - TELEVISION journalist, Riadh Bahri upset at the Houses, "this needs to change'

The condition of the Slope causes a lot of irritation for TELEVISION journalist Riadh Bahri. Tuesday will be sent Riadh some of the tweets that he put in the Slope would write to raise. Not one or two tweets, however, are seven in total!
“Thread-There must me something from the heart. I have been living for 10 years in BRUSSELS. About 5 years ago, I bought a house in the Slope. I have seen the church always defended, through thick and thin. When when when when the the the world, Houses uitkotste, I remained stubborn, insisting, “everything will always be good” … or so I Thought. Up to now, in the sound of the first button and both blinds folded.
“It was six months ago, my friend and live with me. He lives in the lovely Square. Since then, rediscovered-I-Molenbeek, again, through his eyes. Because of what he sees, I don’t any more. My church is dirty. Huge dirt and grime. People throw everything on the street, just like that. As it can be. It will be allowed. And then there’s this:there is a verkeersagressie. You can hang out on small groups of people who, time and again, to get intoxicated with our Choice. And then there’s the fact that my boyfriend and I have each other’s hand and let go as soon as we left Brussels, and cross the channel in the direction of ‘home’ … so why not. This is the “new normal”. John, my friend – this is all normal. I was on the 10-year normal will be. We will have the election had it. I just hope that the Brussels-based politics has finally listened to the noodkreten of some of the areas/districts. This has to be changed. Otherwise, we leave it in 2020 Houses. Like so many others before me. And, no doubt, like so many others will follow suit.
PS: don’t get four months of training. My heart is set into the Slope. Sometimes you have to be very, very, very loud, shouting to be heard. The dirt in our streets now for two weeks. And no one is taking it in. Too much is too much, too much … yes .PS: yes, I will call my love, Habibi. (I am Arab before anything)”
Riadh is hoping that people will like to take the Job, Gatz, mr. Pascal Smet, Els Ampe and Bianca Debaets to take immediate action.