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One will honor She, with a documentary of ten years from the date of death

d105cd8857690f8d79e23ba2f4342bcf - One will honor She, with a documentary of ten years from the date of death

It was a She. Thus, it is called in the film, One on the 25th of June received on the last day of ten years after the death of the popular singer and tv presenter. It needs to be an honest portrait of being eye-witness accounts of the people who have the best-known, with images and photos, some of which have never been shown before.

Anything and everything, it was the first title of the documentary is about the meaning of her real name is Hilde Rens. ‘Just because her best friend, her so called, ” says Peter Cockx, who is in the documentary. “She didn’t tussenknop, she was very contradictory, self-assured and insecure. Happy to the outside world, dark on the inside. A large face with a small heart.’ Peter Cockx has, She is well-known: he has worked with her on The red carpet, it’s showbizzprogramma of the VRT. “This documentary, I have three people that all of Us have been working on for The red carpet. On Tuesday we have the final title is emptied: It was a She. That’s what this comes down to this: let’s see who she really was.”

As the makers of the documentary, She herself well known to us, it was very easy to get the right people to speak to about the woman who is on the 25 of June of 2009, the life stepped in and the whole of Flanders that left him. And that, people, to wipe the small off of the lead singer, and the host is not under the mat. “This is not a slander, this is a balanced and thoughtful view of how they really were the people who best know it. Musician Jo Mahieu has never been in the press for her voice, but he was still her best friend. If the Us had any problems, she went out with Jo, too. She Then had her best friend, the woman who, two days before her death, is still with Us, to say that it had. Guitarist Eric Melaerts know her very well. This is also, at the time, Martine Prenen, and He soon after presented, and they were with Us, also have a very good connection.’

An example for the lesbian, gay, bisexual

Also, Linda Claeys, the mother, Daddy, bears witness to the documentary. “We have to have her as the first to be contacted. Together with Marianne (Dupon, the ex-partner of sleeping beauty, ed.). The mother wanted to immediately join it. It bears witness to a certain time or distance. Level-headed, but likeable. I am very pleased to see that they are in the program. Joey, who after the death of the Us, have continued to speak, would still rather be out of the public eye to stay. It has, after the death of the Us as incredibly much about him had She had the break-up with Marianne, according to speculation, will not be processed, ed.). She is up to date, and will see the documentary in advance to see if they want to.’

It is remarkable that Dieter Troubleyn on offer, an actor with whom She had a relationship until they’re out of the closet came out and to be an example for many lesbian, gay, bisexual. ‘He was the man who was with Us, for all of her performances, brought in; she didn’t have a driver’s license. She was the one Soundmixshow to another, and is often disguised as, Sandra, and Kim. We have footage of it, filmed by the Dieter. As Sandra Kim’s 1986 Eurovision song contest and won, said to Us, to her mother, If that is possible, I can do that too.” (laughs)

Dark thoughts

The question is why is She the 25th of June, the life is joined, the documentary will not be out of the way: About the root cause, it is a lot being said and written. Perhaps it is too much. There was a marital breakdown, with Marianne, with her career in music, which is not very good, was her television career, you name it. What’s interesting is that even the best of friends to each other, in that the right to disagree. The one that says that she’s always had a dark mind, and has been, the other one says that the dark side is simply one of musical taste. Maybe it was just too much all at once. But that’s not the main point. The most important thing is to be an honest portrait of you to give up. From someone who has been on eight of the artist, She is in her head. Someone who everyone jokes uithaalde. That is in front of the camera, very opinionated, could be that its own style, wanted to express. I can still remember that she thought about it Q3 at The red carpet couldn’t hide. A very generous person, who will do the same in return, wanted to do. A lot of real friends, she didn’t, because she had people to whom they are able to tell, I was able to learn something from this. That may sound harsh, but to say that the best of friends. That is what makes the documentary so powerful.’

Anyone who has questions about suicide, or even with a dark mind, you can always go to the Zelfmoordlijn on the number of 1813 and the www.zelfmoordlijn1813.be.