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Lokeren vs Beerschot: Waaslanders to claim a place in the 1A for degradation of KV Mechelen

36916e00b37d5459f359feff55626423 - Lokeren vs Beerschot: Waaslanders to claim a place in the 1A for degradation of KV Mechelen

Not to Beerschot, but at Sporting Lokeren, will take the place of the KV Mechelen, in, 1A in, if Malinwa be judged and condemned to relegation to the 1B. That is, it has been concluded that the lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge, in subsidiary order, the Belgian Court of arbitration for Sport (BAS) will be on the table. “Legally, there is no other way than that the Scenery is entitled to a spot in the 1A.” For Beerschot, they are, however, certain what’s going to happen.

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Midlands, announced earlier, to file an appeal against the decision of the complaints board of Appeal (CCP), but was more focused on the taxation of Waasland-Beveren (belgium). According to the master, Walter Van Steenbrugge and had the Wase club is attributed is held to be, as president, george chapman, and director of finance Swolfs, have been convicted. “For matchfixing you have two”, said the attorney for the city of Lokeren.

The loss of Waasland-Beveren to 1B, signifies that the city of Lokeren, in the sports of degradation and crashes. In the meantime, however, discovered Van Steenbrugge, a second element, which, according to him, the extension of the stay of the city of Lokeren, in the 1A insurance. The lawyer referred to in article B1532 in the bondsreglement, and quotes from it, that is the number of descenders in proportion, will be reduced in the range in which he rebuked the club, came out.

The crucial point is: drops-KV Mechelen from the 1A or not.

The master Of the Steenbrugge notes that some of the disputes committee to deal with KV Mechelen, taking into account the gained promotion to 1A, Malinwa, therefore, back to 1B, and not for the first amateurklasse.

“The move up to 1A, is taken into account, and, therefore, needs to KV Mechelen are to be regarded as a penalised a club that falls out of the 1A because it is deemed to be in the championship final has finished.”

And so it is in accordance with the city of Lokeren, not whether there is an appeal against the decision of the disputes committee, the club continues to visit the highest of the series. “Sporting Lokeren, as the latter ended up in the current season’s division 1A, that is, after all, as the second-to-last-ranked in 1A, and drops it at 1B’, to decide the Waaslanders.

Beerschot: “Bondsreglement do not leave the slightest doubt -”

One response to Beerschot, was not long in coming. “Beerschot would like to make it clear that it is bondsreglement do not have the least bit of doubt of late about the rise of the club to the division 1A, if, KV Mechelen, in pursuance of the acts of the competitievervalsing get relegated,” said the lawyer, Thomas Giles, counsel for Beerschot. “The belgian football association has this matter in an official statement on its website on June 1, 2019 to be confirmed (currently in consultation). Beerschot, the club distances are, therefore, of each and every hunt due to Sporting Lokeren in this regard.”

In short, this will be in the next few days (or weeks) of legal wrangling between the member clubs.