He remembers the Queen ” may be the greatest fight in the world

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Us president, Donald Trump is the last day of his state visit to Portsmouth. They will, together with the queen Elisabeth competition and the 75th anniversary of the allied invasion on the beaches of Normandy to celebrate.

Resigning British prime minister, Theresa May, will receive Wednesday in addition to He and the Queen are also fourteen other heads of state and government of the countries in which meevochten on D-Day in the British Service. Our resigning prime minister, Charles Michel, will attend.


He said already looking forward to the visit to the memorial of the most amazing battle in history.”

May you will have the opportunity to get the united states into a unit so that the new and ever-evolving threats to security to deal with it.

On the way to France

Wednesday and Thursday, than the ceremonies take place on the shores of Normandy, and which He, therefore, also will be present. In France, the French president and Emmanuel Macron, the united states president received. The two staatsleiders will make a short speech on the ceremony of commemoration.

Both the inside and the outside of the cemetery, which will have major security restrictions. The cemetery is located next to Omaha Beach, to the north-west of Bayeux. There were Us troops in June 1944.

It’s not the first president to visit the cemetery, where 9.380 American soldiers are buried there, said the director of the cemetery, Scott, Desjardins. The first president was Jimmy carter, in 1978.’ Then it moved, among others, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama’s visit to Normandy.

The reconciliation of Home and a Macron?

The French president, Macron is hoping that the visit is an opportunity to have a calm conversation with the Us president. His last visit to France, on the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the First world War, and ending another in a series of ferocious tweets from Trump, to the address of the Macron.

The Sofitel is a cautious sense of optimism. “America is our eternal friend”, insists on the entourage of the French president. Well, it sounds that with all of Us-governments, there are differences, disagreements exist’.

In paris, considers that the commemoration of D-Day, and a good chance to make it a joint victory, to celebrate. He and the Macron it will be as a conversation, face-to-face and have a lunch, where they would be on different issues such as: ‘Iran’s business.