Ebe, from-The-Voice-Kids-on-Gentse Feesten

3c0f1c239a302cfb47afad5e37632337 - Ebe, from-The-Voice-Kids-on-Gentse Feesten

Singer-songwriter Ebe Mogyoros has been doing a good job. It’s going to be hard for a 14-year-old singer-songwriter EBE. After his participation in “The Voice Kids, his first single, “All minus one”, and with the summer in sight, he is very proud to be the line of the Ghent-based Parties to be able to complement.

Ebe: “It is very hard for all of them. I am a student and I have a healthy balance between school and music, and that is something I have managed to do. I have the opportunity to with a variety of musicians and songwriters together to sit and it makes me very happy.”