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Day, He picks up the win in the prologue, Tour of Luxembourg

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Christophe Laporte (Cofidis) has a Wednesday night in the prologue of the 79th Tour of Luxembourg (Lux/2 in.B.C.), about 2.1 km through the streets of the capital of the Grand duchy of luxembourg, won the game. The 26-year-old Frenchman, was the first director.

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He explained the process in a time of 3:13.96. The German Marcel Meisen explained, taking the second place, to the sixteen-hundredths of a second of the game. Piet Allegaert was a half-second slower than Meisen, and had to settle for third place. The French rider Damien Gaudin took 02.16 will be the winner for the fourth time. Aimé De Gendt was fifth in the of 03:16.20.

The eindlaureaat of last year’s event, Andrea Pasqualon, and put a 3:23 in a very reasonable time, but unfortunately they don’t work in the area of Laporte. No one was even at the time, to make a Race, He was ultimately the yellow jersey in a package that is easy to take. For the Frenchman, it was his third win of the season after two stages in the etoile de Bessèges, one of which is an individual time trial.

“The idea was to get a win in this race. Now, if that is all in the prologue. So I can’t complain,” said He. “Right now, I want the yellow jersey to defend. We’ll see where we come out. I’m looking at this Tour of Luxembourg is also a day-to-day.”

Tomorrow/Thursday, between Luxembourg and Hautcharage in the first stage, in line with the program. As a rule, that is, after 191.3 fully diluted fairly flat miles, with a date for the spurters.