A large demonstration in Prague against the tampering of Czech prime minister

12f40b337b7950707afbf11833198705 - A large demonstration in Prague against the tampering of Czech prime minister

In the Czech capital, Prague, on Tuesday, tens of thousands of people on the street come up to the resignation of the prime minister, Andrej Babis. It is one of the largest political demonstrations in the Czech republic since the fall of communism.

The protest took place in the vicinity of the wenceslas square, which is also in the center was the “Velvet Revolution” in 1989. In the event of a protest, the network’s “Millions of Voices for democracy”, the windows, the turnout at 120,000 people. The protesters had signs, along with ” Shame! Shame!’ and ‘the Babis in the prison.

The President Babis, a multimiljardair, according to the legal service of the European Commission, is guilty of a conflict of interest. He is supposed to be a position being abused for millions of euros in European subsidies to private firms to pull out. In the Czech republic, the police have him prosecuted for fraud, with two million dollars, which he gave to the stork’s nest, a luxury resort with a rustic farmhouse, located to the south of the city. Babis denied the allegations that have been made.


The 64-year-old Babis, founder of the populist ANO party, is leading, since at the end of 2017, in a minority government. The prime minister is also the head of the zakenimperium, which is active in the fields of agriculture, food, and media industries.

In the Czech republic are already a few weeks out of protest against the policy of the prime minister’s office. At the end of april, came in a variety of cities, towns, and people on the street, as the new minister of justice, the sjoemelende Babis is supposed to protect.