Valerie De Booser is closing her shop

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Striking message on the social media: Valerie De Booser on Facebook announced that in August its store ‘Histoires de Femmes’ close. Eleven years ago, opened the wife of Koen Wauters her own shop with women’s wear on the Gentsesteenweg in Mechelen. Valerie worked as the true day and night on the expansion of its shop and went to abroad for collections to buy. The result was there: a lot of women went to Valerie along, and there were several reasons for this: for example, there were the beautiful and high-quality collections, there was the professional advice of Valerie or someone from her team, some hoped also get a glimpse of Koen Wauters on to catch. The case was so successful that The Booser in the adjoining building also had a store for men opened, that adventure was, however, soon ended because of health problems.
Then last year it became known that Valerie and Koen van Lift to the Ghent moved, we asked us already how long Valerie, the movement of her property to her store would remain. You need a lot of luck to have that distance in an hour time. Every day about 160 km drive is in itself not a problem, at least if there is little or no congestion. Or that’s the reason why Valerie finishes her store closes is not clear.
Valerie De Booser remains vague about the closure. “Now my body and mind to be honest what rest to use. And so I have a heartbreaking choice made and I’m going to stop with ‘HdF’. It is a very difficult decision, because I’ve got my heart and soul plugged in and am also proud of what I’ve built. Believe me, it is with pain in my heart”, writes The Booser on Facebook.