Us Congress approves yet support package is good for victims of natural disasters

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In the United States, the Congress on Monday, after months palaveren, given the green light for a package of emergency relief to victims of natural disasters in the country. It comes to an amount of 19.1 billion dollars. The money must serve people, mainly in California and on the U.S. bound territory, Puerto Rico, to help those who were victims of natural disasters such as fires, floods or orkaangeweld.

Upon his return from vacation, the House of Representatives the measure with great ease well, then the text on the desk of the American president. That responded during his visit to Britain on Twitter already on the approval: “Great, now we in the Senate do. Farmers, Puerto Rico and all others are going to be very happy, ” he said.

The funds are intended for the development of infrastructure, assistance to rural areas and reduce the impact of natural disasters on the island of Puerto Rico and in states like California, Florida, North and South Carolina, Iowa and Texas. About $ 3 billion comes in addition to farmers who as a result of natural disasters, their harvest lost.

The measure was finally approved with 354 votes for and 58 against, but an easy discussion, it was anything but. As expressed Trump in may criticism on the ‘high’ amount for Puerto Rico was. After an agreement between the Democrats, who the House to check, and the Republicans, in the Senate the paste waving, Trump still found willing to set the text to validate it.

Trump: ‘No 3,000 people died’

Although research by the George Washington university in August of 2018 showed that hurricane Maria from her destructive passage through the Caribbean in 2017 nearly 3,000 fatal victims, denied Trump that. “There are not 3,000 people died due to the hurricane in Puerto Rico. When I the island left AFTER the hurricane had wreaked havoc, there were between 6 and 18 dead. After a period of time is not so greatly increased’, tweette he in september 2018, after Puerto Rico on the basis of the study, the official death toll raised.

The Democrats would, according to the billionaire the number of deaths have raised to him in a bad light.

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The government got a lot of criticism because of the slow and inadequate response to the disaster. President Donald Trump sent assistance, in priority, to the states of Texas and Lousiana, which in that period of time by hurricane Harvey had been affected. Trump defended the approach, that he was an “unprecedented success” was, inter alia, by referring to the ‘low’ death.

The higher death rate of 2.975 followed from a study of the mortality rates of the months after the disaster, and a comparison with that of other years. As it turned out that between september 2017 and February 2018 22 percent more people died. The island was so destroyed that village from the outside world were cut off. People had no drinkable water, electricity or telephone. Often, the roads also piece, so that vulnerable residents for months to doctors or pharmacists could get.