‘Trump is a sexual predator and a racist’

cccb2519f8608e6e76ee2c8e312d971e - ‘Trump is a sexual predator and a racist’

The well-known doll of Donald Trump is blown up near the British Parliament.

American president Donald Trump is in London, along with British prime minister Theresa May and a number of British business leaders. Meanwhile campaigners are to protest against the state visit of Trump. Also opposition party, Labour does not understand why the American president so honored.

President Trump landed Tuesday morning with his helicopter to Buckingham Palace, from there to St. James’s Palace to drive. There breakfast he at this time with resigning British prime minister Theresa May and a few major business leaders. Later in the day, talk Trump even with May in her official residence in Downing Street, and he gives a press conference, to finish with a gala dinner in the American embassy.

Meanwhile, gather at the British Parliament, protestors against the arrival of Trump. The well-known balloon that Trump portrays as a giant baby, it was about 11 pm completely inflated and ready for departure.

There are thousands of demonstrators are expected, among them were Jeremy Corbyn of the opposition party, Labour. Which party declared earlier not to understand why Trump on his state visit. “Such a visit is an honor, and we don’t think this president that honor deserves’, explained Emily Thornberry to The Guardian. “He has tried to make the borders with muslim countries to close, he put small Mexican children behind bars, he has women raped and about it, and bragged. He is a sexual predator, a racist, and we have to think about it when our country is so scared of?’