Sudanese army announces elections within the nine months’

e50e36cf2e686bc9a6c91576266b702f - Sudanese army announces elections within the nine months’

In Sudan says the army overgangsakkoord with the protest movement. There will be within the nine months, elections will be organized, said the head of the military transitional council (ntc) on the Sudanese television.

Those elections will be ‘free’ and ‘fair’ expired and internationally monitored, was the. The announcement comes after the police the sit-in of antiregeringsbetogers for the headquarters of the army in Khartoum with a lot of violence uiteendreven. More than 30 people were killed.

The protest movement has already been doing since the end of last year, but after a few months some weggedeemsterd. On april 6, was the protest a new impetus, when a peaceful sit-in was started for the headquarters of the army. Five days later, was dictator Bashir deposed and arrested by the army. Then, began discussions between the demonstrators and the army on the establishment of a sovereign council that three year long transition to elections and the transfer of power to a civil administration had to accompany. Those negotiations failed, however, on 20 may, and since then, the army, the press, the protest movement, and the dramatic climax of the massacre of Monday.

A few days ago, the forces along in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, major sources of support for the military regime in Khartoum.

Security council

Britain and Germany have asked for a meeting of the UN Security council on Sudan. That have diplomats said. The meeting would be Tuesday, behind closed doors, to take place.