Stefaan Degand in Grillmasters on FOUR

f316dfd445996722fc694f0b4f8eeddb - Stefaan Degand in Grillmasters on FOUR

Grillmasters stores this week its tents on the North sea. The candidates wait for the mind-blowing task to Belgium and Spain to unite in a Noordzeepaella. Spanish culinary heritage that is on the grill should be prepared. A flamencogezelschap the dishes judging.

Candidates and Tom Show like ‘Spanish rice’. “Paella is for us not more than a mush.”

The 78-year-old Jo is quite sure of her piece. “I make the perfect paella. Learned from my Spanish neighbour, Antonio,” she tells while she is against all the rules in the broken stirring. Or was neighbor Antonio actually an Italian?

William and Gilles, the MacGyvers among the candidates, with some squid ink black paella, finished with holographic filtered Noordzeezout.