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Standard must be 7,000 euros to pay for incidents with fans, also penalties for KV Kortrijk and Club Brugge

77f08380a8b790e252fa958bd507a5d4 - Standard must be 7,000 euros to pay for incidents with fans, also penalties for KV Kortrijk and Club Brugge

The board of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Tuesday, twice a fine of 3,500 euros imposed on a football club Standard. The Rouches need for supportersincidenten on the penultimate (against Club Bruges) and last day (against KRC Genk) in a total of 7,000 euro fine to pay.

The facts date back to 16 and 19 may, when the last matches in play-off 1 the Jupiler Pro League were finished. Standard came is Tuesday for either tuchtdossiers defend, and so was the club in absentia.

In the game against Club Brugge (2-0), the present match delegate multiple incidents with cups of beer that are on the field were thrown. Also stop in Liège supporters pyrotechnic material. During the trip to KRC Genk (0-0) described the match delegate only the use of Bengali fire and flares.

The Dispute recalled the Standard in his reasons that there is a zero tolerance used for pyrotechnic material. The Bondsparket had for the facts in Genk only 2,500 euro fine asked, but the president took 3,500 to be more appropriate considering the many antecedents for the Rouches.

Fine of 3,500 euros for KV Kortrijk, 750 for Club Brugge

KV Kortrijk should be a fine of 3,500 euros to pay, after supporters of the fur made it to the final of play-off 2 against Charleroi. In the home match on 22 may in the final of play-off 2 used supporters of KV Kortrijk for kick-off pyrotechnic material. At the end of the match threw thuisfans lighters, beer mugs, bottles of soda and a hamburger to the cage of Charleroi goalkeeper Riou. After the final whistle – KV Kortrijk lost the final 1-2 – were even drink cups to the visiting players thrown.

The Guys brought the matchverloop by the Bengali fire was not disrupted. In addition, the club plenty of action, more there is nothing to these incidents, to do, suggested lawyer Matthias Leterme. The Dispute his arguments out of the table. “By the smoke of Bengal fire, can the match later on swing whistle can be. That was not done, but it may well happen”, says president Jan Decorte, KV Kortrijk reminded of the zero tolerance for supportersincidenten. “The club has a bad reputation in this field, because it was this season’s only been seven times sentenced for misconduct of supporters.”

Club Brugge is back with 750 euro fine, because supporters in the titelbepalende match on a visit at Standard (2-0) beer mugs on the field threw when the Rouches in the slotminuten a penalty were given. Marin decided the match from the spot and hit the titeldroom of Club to smithereens.