Spanish justice suspends excavation Franco on

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The Spanish Supreme court has Tuesday the unearthing of the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from his mausoleum suspended. The relatives of Franco went earlier to the court against the decision of the government to Franco’s body to move.

The socialist government had provided the corpse on Monday next week to dig, but is a fierce legal battle with the relatives of the dictator of Spain between 1939 and 1975, with a firm hand has led. The five judges of the Supreme court have unanimously decided to respond to the desire of the relatives of Franco and the excavation to suspend for the time that the justice in the dispute, a decision on the merits can take.

The Court wants to avoid that both the family and the state ‘damage’ is affected if the resistance of the survivors against the herbegraving, in substance, is accepted. That would – without interim measure – mean that the mortal remains should return to the place where they now are.

Franco is buried in the mausoleum in Valle de los Caidos near Madrid. The government of the socialist Pedro Sanchez, who with her arrival in June 2018 a matter of honour had made to the remains of Franco, to move, had in march announced that the body on 10 June would be excavated. It would then be buried by the side of his wife at a cemetery north of Madrid.

The family had previously proposed to the dictator to be reburied in the family vault of the Almudenakathedraal in the heart of Madrid, next to the royal palace. The government feared, however, that the cathedral is a place of pilgrimage for nostalgics of the dictatorship would be.