Sixth victim Cypriot serial killer comes to the fore

eb70138637e0f41572f8f749652c909a - Sixth victim Cypriot serial killer comes to the fore

The Cypriot police, was found Tuesday, and the remains of a sixth victim of the nation’s first-ever serial killer. The 35-year-old man known to as many as seven murders. A dead body is still being sought.

The divers found on Tuesday the body of a likely to Triumph – a woman in a coffin, dumped in a toxic lake, where in the meantime, all four of the bodies taken out were the same. On Sunday, they took the dead body of one of the murdered children at the top.

The story came out in the middle of april, in the light, and when the passers-by in a coffin, saw it floating near the capital city of lefkosia (Nicosia). The police found the lifeless bodies of a Filipino maid has been around since may of 2018 and was missing in action. Over the phone, the authorities fairly quickly by Nikos Metaxas rightly so, and after he was rich, in a written statement of ten pages, however, the murders of the cloth did it.

It’s going to be five women and two girls, one of which is the captain of the national army, claimed that there are only three in the lake have dropped. It could just as well be that more people have been murdered at all.

Metaxas met his targets on online dating sites under the pseudonym “Orestes: according to Greek mythology,” the victim of an unchangeable fate’. He has met a variety of Filipino, Romanian and Nepalese women irregular domestic workers, that is, between 2016 and 2018 are missing, were wounded. When the two of them, he is also their daughter, who with their lives have had to die.

The alleged negligence on the part of the Cypriot police, was suddenly and sharply. After the discovery of the first body, so as quickly to the offender’s capture, it shows all the more that Metaxas with a little more effort, faster, and could be found here. As a result of the escalating criticism and took on the Minister of Justice resigned, and flew into the politiehoofd the street from it.

The search for the fourth victim, the second girl is still going strong. In the depths of the lake, the bottom of which was formerly a quarry site, makes it difficult to study.