Queen falls off the role when you visit Trump, and breaks a lance for UN and Nato

The British queen Elisabeth on the banquet for Us president Donald Trump exceptional position on a political theme. In her speech, she pointed to the importance of the international institutions, which Trump anything but a cares.

‘Mr. president, I am confident that our shared values and interests us also in the future will unite’, began the queen Elisabeth her speech for an American president Donald Trump. “Tonight, we celebrate an alliance that the security and prosperity of our respective peoples for decades has helped to ensure, and which I believe that many years will exist.’

Trump comes to Britain for the 75th anniversary of the allied landing in Normandy. It be the Queen on the importance of institutions such as Nato and the UN. ‘In the prospect of the challenges of the 21st century, remembers D-Day us to what our countries have achieved together. After the shared sacrifices of the Second world War, worked in Great Britain and the United States, along with other allies on a range of international institutions, which had to ensure that the gruwels of that conflict, never repeated, would be.’

“While the world has changed, we have to the original intent of those settings will never forget: countries working together for a hard fought peace to ensure,” decided the Queen. President Trump took those settings since his arrival been repeatedly under fire.

Trump: ‘Freedom, soevereniteit and self-determination’

Trump himself speechte also on the banquet that the Queen before him had been organized. “The bond between our countries has been sealed together for eternity in that great crusade’, is a reference to the American president to D-Day. “It is our shared victory and legacy to honor it, we affirm our allegiance to the shared values that make us still for a long time in the future will unite: freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, the rule of law and respect for the rights provided to us by the Almighty God are donated.


The American president also had praise for his mistress queen Elizabeth, that he is the embodiment of the dignity, duty and patriotism that is in every British heart beats’ called.

Tuesday is the time for politics, so will Trump a breakfast with some important businessmen, and then follow a conversation with the retiring British prime minister Theresa May in her official residence in Downing Street, a press conference, and a gala dinner in the embassy of the Us ambassador.