Paris, the start the research into the toxic fumes

442d89504a54a9d0ab8e2d1ff5c889dc - Paris, the start the research into the toxic fumes

After the lead exposure of a child from Île de la Cité has urged the authorities of local children and pregnant women to have their blood checked.

In the fire of the cathedral on the fifteenth of april, sent three hundred à four hundred tons of lead from the steeple and the roof in the air. The resulting toxic fumes would be when only a local threat, but local residents were still advised to use the neergedaalde indoor dust to remove.

After a lead test in a child proved that they have a disproportionate concentration of lead in her blood had started with the local health organization in a study. Children up to seven years and pregnant women are encouraged to ‘prevention’ consulting their doctor.

The toxic substance can among young people, its impact on the nervous system, and even brain disorders result. In adults, the kidneys and the heart and blood vessels are damaged.