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“New F1 rules 2021 will often change”

5ddba6b498a1aaa333ac3b298d46eb66 - "New F1 rules 2021 will often change"

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has let us know that the new rules for the F1 season in 2021 will continue to evolve and change, there is a proposal on which negotiations can be made.

The concorde agreement is a contract between the teams and the F1, which is what the sport should look like, both on a technical, a sporting and a financial perspective. The current contract runs to the end of 2020, and therefore there must be negotiations on a new contract. It goes without saying that it is not an easy task it is in order to all of the teams are on the same page to get it.

The idea is that the F1 bosses, before the end of this month with a proposal to come would be, but it seems that this deadline is not met, it will be used. Christian Horner did at the press conference for the teambazen in Monaco, know that it is unlikely that the final outcome will be very similar to the first proposal.

“There will be a release in June, this will change in september and October, and probably again in november,” said the team boss of Max Verstappen. “There is still a lot of work to be done, but, at a certain moment in time will give us something to be judged, and that’s where the fun begins.”

“Much of the work is done”
The technical director of the Racing-Point to Andrew Green, who praised the work of Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds, on behalf of the F1 is already a resistance on a technical level. At the same time, he does It and he says that there is still a lot of work, it is the stuff all the like-minded ones.

On a technical level, it is the intention of the current hybrid power units, to facilitate and less expensive to make, so there will be new players to be able to warm to be used for the F1.

“I know that the F1’s and the FIA’s behind-the-scenes is already a lot of work has been done at all,” said Green. “We were there last week and all of a piece, can be seen at a meeting of the technical working group.”

The sharp edge should be there if you want
“We have already made clear, a trend can be seen, but the edges need to have. We have meetings scheduled until the end of the year, and that’s what we’re steering towards the direction of where we want to go.”

“It’s been quite a lot of changes, but, as I said, they already have a lot of work has been done behind the scenes, and I think that we can achieve our goal,” concludes Green.

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