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McAfee announces Plan to own crypto currency

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Matthias Nemack –

Actually, he is a declared expert on the topic of security in the network. Now John McAfee is announcing via Twitter, your own crypto-currency.

Message disseminated to the Freedom Coin via Twitter

Security professional McAfee has become in the last few years, repeatedly self-crypto-Guru called. Even if not all of his forecasts on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins were confirmed at the end: With a number of statements maintained McAfee in the end. Now, however, it is not a matter of speculation to the rates. The avid Social-Media User published a message to it’s own digital currency. Not only are his “Disciples” were, and with good reason, according to the Twitter message for specifics and technical characteristics. Is hot McAfee’s own crypto-currency “Freedom Coin”. So he makes his reputation as a man of great words, ultimately, once again all honor.

No binding to other Digital and Fiat currencies

Currently, the Coin is probably still a model in the design phase. In McAfee’s allegedly independently-formulated message, especially one aspect is clear: The new currency will be even more typical of McAfee, in a sense, a “real” digital currency. Your course should not be at the rate of the dollar, or other types of Fiat money tied to it. Instead, the current purchasing power is to define the course of the Freedom Coin. Independence seeks to guarantee the developer with respect to other crypto-currencies as well as trading platforms and exchanges. For the realization of a completely new concept was developed, which creates the typical dependencies on the market from the world.

To roots back to the crypto?

It should go to the direct exchange between users. Because of the lack of interactions with and through other Coins and real currencies of the Freedom Coin in the opposite position, basically, at 0, is it on the part of McAfee’s. The same had been criticized in the past and different Wallets. A private market value of the tokens will still have the active trade. Surprisingly, it is not at the end of that McAfee starts a Coin. Rather, the unusual restraint is the surprised. Because of a technology Revolution, Twitter is not announced message. For this, the currency should go, so to speak, “back to the roots”. The objective is the restoration of economic independence is also the naming is explained.

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