Maarten Breckx and woman Lies welcome first child

9654346948ff4c1359bbb4c26d4239df - Maarten Breckx and woman Lies welcome first child

A supreme happiness, to the house of Maarten’s Breckx. The VTM NEWS, the sports anchor, and his wife in the Groin, Brown, the news for Qmusic and Joe, on Monday morning, June 3, to the proud parents, to become their first child, Georges. That was Maarten’s comment for yourself on his Instagram.
Little Georges is set in the black, it measures 51 inches and weighs in at only 3.2 kg in weight. Martin is very proud of his wife and son. “Georges is a lovely guy who was sat morning around 9: 30 a.m., is born, what it sounds like. “Mama, Lies, and has done a fantastic job and Georges, both in absolute bloedvorm. This is a unique and indescribable moment in time.”
Matt and Lies have been over the moon with the arrival of the Georges, and the next period of time get plenty of their homes and families. S-Media, VTM News, Qmusic and Joe and wish them a heartfelt congratulations on their little sprouts.