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Liverpool say goodbye to clubicoon’s Daniel Sturridge and Alberto Moreno

e7d93abf77c71abe6af774d902cc0280 - Liverpool say goodbye to clubicoon's Daniel Sturridge and Alberto Moreno

Liverpool gives attacker Daniel Sturridge and rear Alberto Moreno is not a new contract. That made the recent winner of the Champions League on Tuesday known on the clubwebsite. Especially Sturrigde is with his 67 goals and 160 games a absolutely clubicoon.

Sturridge arrived in January 2013 at “The Reds” and was played mainly in the 2013-2014 season in the heart of the Liverpool fans, when they make a strong duo formed by Luis Suarez. The Englishman scored that season, 22 times in the Premier League. Then he was plagued by injuries and he will never be the same level, this season Sturrigde but four times.

“Daniel deserves to as a quantity of Liverpool to be considered”, said coach Jürgen Klopp on Tuesday. “He came when the club tried themselves herop to build, and some of his goals were very important.” On his 29th need Sturridge now looking for a new club.

Also of the 26-year-old Moreno to take the Reds said goodbye. He lost his place on the left and back to Andy Robertson. “We’re going to both players miss, but we can get them in the best possible way to say goodbye,” said Klopp. “As winners of the Champions League.”