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Katie Taylor: ‘Rematch against Delfine Person inevitable’

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Delfine Person seemed not really to believe that Katie Taylor its a revenge would allow for the unjustified lost wereldtitelkamp of last Saturday, but the Irish has Tuesday the door wide open for a revenge. “A rematch with Delfine is inevitable.’

“A rematch? They will not do more.’ There was Delfine Person Monday yet convinced. “Why would they risk it? And commercial is also not interesting. In her camp they will argue that they passed me by, all of that did not happen in the right way, you can say robbed. But if they nonetheless would like to, then I grab my chance at revenge.’

That chance for revenge is now much larger. “A rematch against Delfine Person is inevitable,” commented Katie Taylor herself when she on Tuesday in Dublin where it landed. “I would love for her boxing. We had Saturday is a great camp and I am very grateful that I have won.’ Katie Taylor won the camp against Person on points with 95-95, 96-94, and 96-94. According to the majority of the observers a poor decision. Taylor sees himself not so. “I’ve never doubted the result. My manager and trainer knew in the beginning of the camp that I would win. I think I am in the first rounds a lot of points have been collected. It was very close, Delfine is a great champion. And that is what happens when the very best against the very best boxes. It is a camp that people love to want to see again. It was the fight of the night.’

Also powerful boxing promoter set the door to open

Eddie Hearn, the powerful boxing promoter of Katie Taylor and the man who is in the international boxing everyone in his pocket, alluded Sunday all on an immediate rematch. The reason for this? Also in the camp of the American-Irish bokster, they realize that the general public has seen that the camp for the WBC, WBO, WBA and IBF titles in the lightweight, not fair is expired. And that Taylor then won, but facial and a loss of image has suffered.

The specialized website believes to know that Taylor after its promoter Hearn the command has given an order for a rematch to organize. ‘Taylor asked me after the game: “Think about the people that Person has won? I told her: most people kept it on a draw, but there is still a lot of people that felt that Person deserved to win. To which Taylor said, We have to re-against her in a fight, immediately. This was a great vrouwenbokskamp. The atmosphere was great, but Taylor had something immediately: If there is any doubt, any doubt… then we have to do it again.’