Eva Daeleman: ‘I feel threatened and unsafe’

07bb1f8aec5d1cf9d4bafa15a4255387 - Eva Daeleman: 'I feel threatened and unsafe'

A for Eva Daeleman fairly innocent post on Instagram makes for a lot of fuss on the social media. Eva complained on social media about the noise in the city and scribed it to the city of Ostend and mayor Bart Tommelein. Eva Daeleman live yet, but a few months in Ostend, they enjoy all the beauty that the city has to offer, sure of the rest. “Living by the sea? That’s the max! Especially on days like today,” wrote Eva Sunday on Instagram. “But there is still a lot of work on what the noise in the city. Hurts our heart, and our sleep. Hopefully there is change for the better coming up”, she said.
The message of Eva Daeleman creates a lot of toxic reactions, fortunately, there are also people who are on a civilized way to respond: “You can hardly expect it to be silent when you are in an area goes live”, it sounds on Twitter. On Facebook is an event created to Saturday at 01.00 pm with a brass band to protest against noise. Everyone is at 1 in the morning welcome in the Small Weststraat to Ostend. “Perhaps all Saturday to 1h ‘sleep baby sleep’ going to sing? Still a bit to consider her heart,” laughs someone on Facebook. Meanwhile, there has also been a bagpiper logged in. But whether the noisy protest there Saturday night really comes, is still the question.