Dragon space capsule from SpaceX is safely in the sea

d17bc488852d05fcd8440325a02f7245 - Dragon space capsule from SpaceX is safely in the sea

A commercial vrachtruimteschip of the type of Dragon that returned from the International Space station (ISS), is Monday night safe in the sea here. That has the American ruimtevaartbureau Nasa announced.

The Canadian robotic arm of the ISS showed Monday at 18.01 hours (Belgian time) the commercial cargo of SpaceX over Myanmar los, after that robotic arm, the American spacecraft earlier in the day of the Harmony module of the space station had been disconnected.

The Dragon was on may 6, after launch with a Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX to the ISS arrived. It was already the seventeenth operational bevoorradingsmissie for the company of Tesla ceo Elon Musk.

Where the unmanned capsule 2.5 tons of cargo to the ISS, carried on the return trip, more than 2.1 tonnes, including scientific hardware and results of scientific experiments.

The splashdown in the Pacific Ocean occurred as provided to 23.48 hours (Belgian time). Once the Dragon return to the land, moves the scientific material worldwide to the different labs.