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Yellow Tigers wait difficult job for his own audience during the Women’s Nations League Volley in Kortrijk

67fc4e63df18791a00215789702ebef0 - Yellow Tigers wait difficult job for his own audience during the Women's Nations League Volley in Kortrijk

The Belgian volleybalvrouwen (FIVB 19) may this week of three home games in finishing in the Nations League. In the Lange Munte in Kortrijk, they are compared successively Russia (FIVB 5), Poland (FIVB 26) and world champion Serbia (FIVB 1). “The probability of a winstmatch will be very hard,” says assistentcoach Kris Vansnick.

The Yellow Tigers were already two tournaments in the Nations League. In the Bulgarian Ruse they won Japan (FIVB 6, 3-1) and the home country (FIVB 16, 3-2) and lost to the United States (FIVB 3, 0-3), the defending champion. Then packed them in the Chinese Macau is a victory against Thailand (FIVB 14, 3-0) and lost to South Korea (FIVB 9, 0-3) and olympic champion China (FIVB 2, 0-3).

“We started well in this international tournament with victories against Bulgaria, Thailand and Japan. For the first time that we have for our own audience, we were definitely not served with the opponents that we here (in Kortrijk, red) have to deal with. Of course, this means a further step for our players to measure themselves on the international level, but a victory would of course be welcome in our attempt to maintain to ensure in the usa and EUROPE tournament”, says Vansnick.

“They currently play on a cloud”

“Russia comes with five new players compared to the team that the first two heats of this competition afhaspelde. They now come to Kortrijk with the backbone of the team that last year the world cup was played in. Some of the older players, such as Goncharova and Koncheleva homed while, but the newcomers may best being” the right hand of coach Gert Vande Broek.

“Poland, with the team that over the last few weeks great results together, as well as preparation for the EUROPE-tournament the international, highly competitive tournament of Montreux won. They currently play on a cloud and have hoofdaanvalster Smarzek (playing in Bergamo), someone in the ranks that almost in every match 30 points scored”, Vansnick further.

“In Serbia there are a few missing basisspeelsters that last year the world CHAMPIONSHIPS won (Boskovic, Razic, Mihajlovic) and they currently have a number of younger players a taste of the international level. But that did not bad with wins against Dominican Republic, Korea and the Netherlands. The chance of a winstmatch in Kortrijk, will therefore be very hard, but of course we all do to our own supporters not to disappoint,” concludes Vansnick.

The Yellow Tigers will Elise Van Sas as spelverdeelster in the place of Jutta Van de Vyver and plays Britt Rampelberg in the place of Nathalie Lemmens.

Tuesday night will find Belgium, Russia, Wednesday evening wait for Poland and Thursday Serbia. The match begin at 20: 15 cet.