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Vlaams belang wants off of ‘forced diversity’ at VRT

6e7588bb3a01efdec0fadb60859c664a - Vlaams belang wants off of ‘forced diversity’ at VRT

Vlaams belang has already made plans with the VRT, now the party is again part of the board of directors of the broadcaster. Also, the N-VA has a list of ideas ready.

Two parties that their criticism on the VRT not spare, from 2020, half of the seats in the board of directors in: N-VA and Vlaams belang. That wrote to our newspaper this morning.

Vlaams belang makes all plans. The party wants that the VRT ‘sending of the pensée unique on multicultuur and forced diversity’. There should be on the public broadcaster, for example, more place for islamkritiek.

“We want our presence in the board of directors to use a number of key elements to move’ says Flemish Mp Chris Janssens. ‘In the debatprogramma’s may, for example, more place for islamcritici, that we have always missed on the VRT. I understand that there are waved with editorial independence. The free press is an essential component of democracy, where we do not want to compromise. But in the board of directors may, however, still be discussed, at least about the general atmosphere in which people on the screen are invited.’

The party has other ideas for the broadcaster. ‘Thus we find, for example, that there is a privatization of some parts on the table to be laid. Some of the commercial parts of the VRT can only continue.’

Attention for the smaller sports

The N-VA it is pointed out that for many of the proposals of Vlaams belang, an adjustment of the management agreement is needed. ‘We will start pretty soon to prepare with the Media commission in the Flemish Parliament’, says Marius Meremans, in the last parliament member of the commission.

Also, the N-VA has its list of priorities in the new agreement. “We want attention for the various movements in the society and also, for example, for smaller sports. We place a lot of importance to the educational mission of the broadcaster,’ said Meremans.

The SP.A alerts in the meantime for a new politicization of the board of directors, while the members actually considered to be their political colour to put down, and to work for the interests of all Flemish people. ‘We have also in the last legislature, never someone from Vlaams belang seen in the Media commission’, berates Katia Segers. ‘The latest research by the VRT was ordered, also shows that the broadcaster a sufficient diversity of voices enacts.’